athletes psychotherapist

The Issues

Are you a young, promising athlete?

Do you struggle every day with the thousands of problems and barriers encountered through your pathway to become a champion athlete? Endless hours in the gym, in the training centre, in the pool, on the ring, on the track, at the exercise physiologist’s, nutritionist’s, orthopaedic specialist’s, physiotherapist’s practice, and all over again.

Not to mention school, tuition centres, friends, but then you may say “There is no time for all these considerations, I have to get something to eat and then get some rest, because I’ll be off to training again soon”, and you may also add “I am so frustrated with the fact that nobody among all these people understands me, and, besides training and fatigue, I have to cope with my teachers, who do not allow me to train as much as I should, or my friends, who tell me ‘Come on, now, don’t go for training today, let’s just hang around!’”.

If you wish to see your child become from a talent a champion athlete, physical preparation is not, unfortunately, enough. This represents only 50% (and maybe less) of the desired outcome.

The remaining 50% is mental preparation. It is a state of mind, an entire culture apart. It is about developing skills and capacities that make the individual evolve as a whole, not merely as an athlete.

The Solution

If you want to help yourself become a comprehensive athlete and, above all, a comprehensive person, that can be a champion in sport, without feeling dissociated from everyday activities of your peers, please feel free to contact me directly.

My personal experience as a champion athlete, from a very early age, my personal capacity as a professional athlete with distinctions both at domestic and international level, and in particular the dozens of champion athletes of all ages, of individual and team sports, with whom I have worked and continue to work with great success, guarantee a successful outcome.

By way of illustration, among the distinctions of my athletes are found victories at Panhellenic level, as well as Medals in Olympic Games, in World and European Championships, at men/women’s level and at the level of the other age groups.

In order to assess your condition or the condition of your children, and, of course, to draft a personalised intervention programme, please feel free to contact me directly.