Avraam Alichanidis is a psychologist and business consultant.

For more than 20 years, he has been a professional water polo athlete, participating in top Greek clubs, being at the same time an international player as a member of all National Teams of Greece. He had the honor and responsibility of serving as captain for three different teams in the A1 National Men's League as early as at the age of 18. He completed his multi-year career with numerous distinctions, such as being the top scorer in various national and international competitions, as well as becoming a Greek and European Champion.
He served as a Special Scientific Associate - Psychologist for the Silver Olympic Men's Water Polo Team, helping them achieve significant distinctions. Remarkably, during his tenure, the Greek National Team was the only one to reach the podium in three consecutive major events (Olympic Games and two World Championships).
As a close collaborator with athletes, specialized services personnel, and other key figures, as well as business executives, he stands out for his inspired and practical approach to matters related to goal achievement, teamwork, high performance, communication, motivation, and leadership. As a speaker, he has collaborated with leading companies and organizations in the country, while also participating in developmental programs for students and university students.
He holds a degree in Psychology from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and HBX Disruptive Strategy from Harvard University. He is also a regular member of the Association of Greek Psychologists.

Resilience - Resilience in the Age of Uncertainty: The Key to Goal Achievement

The concept of resilience and how it can serve as a catalyst for reconstructing ourselves in adversity is more critical than ever. In this talk, we will delve deeper into the notion of resilience and why it is a vital element for professionals in every field. Resilience is not just our reaction to adversity but a comprehensive approach to facing challenges, developing personal skills, and strengthening our internal resilience. It is a fundamental characteristic that enhances human endurance against the difficulties of life. Resilient personalities are developed through experience, self-awareness, and the ability to manage stress.
With examples from the world of sports and business, participants will understand the power of this skill, analyzing how enhancing psychological, emotional, and social resilience leads to improved performance, creativity, and developmental progress. From adapting to uncertain conditions to treating challenges as opportunities for learning, it will highlight how resilience is not only a necessary tool in modern business strategies but also a source of energy for creating real change.

Change - Waves of Change: Guiding Transformation with Consciousness

The talk focuses on the theme of change and how we can effectively navigate the waves of transformation that dominate modern times. Despite change being a permanent condition of our lives, people often resist it due to fears, uncertainty, and ignorance.
During the talk, we will explore the psychological aspects of resistance to change, and, more importantly, participants will receive simple yet powerful advice on how to overcome this resistance.
Adapting to change requires flexibility and an open mind. Where resistance impedes progress, accepting change leads to new possibilities and opportunities that enhance our personal and social wealth. With a roadmap for managing change and practical examples, the speaker will demonstrate how we can recognize opportunities arising from change, communicate effectively with others, and develop a new mindset that reinforces flexibility and adaptability. Through a comprehensive orientation towards change, listeners will gain the self-confidence needed to successfully navigate the exciting world of continuous transformation.

Burnout - Preventing Burnout: Tools for Balance and Well-being

Why do people experience burnout in modern society? Is it due to the pressure and pace of life that often lead to stress and lack of balance, or do other factors play a role as well? With a strong emphasis on individual responsibility for mental health, the speaker will propose simple, daily practices that listeners can adopt to manage daily stress, develop self-awareness, and clarify their priorities, obligations, goals, and true desires to prevent burnout.
Addressing burnout involves not only recognizing symptoms but also preventing them. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the various factors that lead to exhaustion beyond constant stress, such as societal standards and stereotypes, lack of clear communication, conflict between 'want' and 'should,' and improper management of emotions.

Motivation - Secrets for High Self-Empowerment

The impetus of the human spirit towards achieving goals and overcoming challenges is called motivation. Motivation is the force that guides us towards self-improvement, professional success, and the fulfillment of aspirations. It emerges in moments of uncertainty and doubt, encouraging us to overcome obstacles. Sources of motivation are diverse, including desires for recognition, achievement, and satisfaction. It is strengthened by belief in ourselves and a sense of purpose. Motivation is not static but reflects the evolution of our ambitions and values. Essentially judged by our persistence to remain committed to the path of achievement and positive change.
Examining the reason why many people find it challenging to empower themselves and their teams, the speaker will analyze the psychological aspects of self-empowerment. Through practical examples from the fields of sports and business, the speaker will propose specific strategies on how to overcome various obstacles that hinder personal and collective development.