sports psychotherapist

The Issues

  • Are you an active athlete and you want to get to the top?
  • Are you close to success, but always for some reason, you do not get through?
  • Have you got to the top after struggling efforts, and you do not know how to remain there?
  • Have you had a serious injury that possibly threatens your career and your future?
  • Do you have difficulties in adapting to the new conditions, the new sports club, or the new environment?
  • Do you feel unable to manage stress, competitive stress, and does this feeling affect your performance?
  • Are you overwhelmed by publicity?
  • Is it about time to transition out of elite competitive sport?
  • What will happen now that the lights will go out?
  • Depression is a disorder that takes many forms, and their severity varies. If you are transitioning out of sport, this is a period of time where its essential components are coming to the fore.
  • Do you know that 78% of the athletes encounter financial problems after transitioning out of professional sport?
  • Have you sought to plan your future before transitioning out of professional sport?
  • Do you have a structured concept or, better yet, have you received training on decision-making relating to your finances?
  • Have you considered the possibility, after your transitioning out of sport, or even during your career as a professional athlete and for various reasons, not to make money from sports? What would you do if such a scenario occurred?
  • Have you developed skills in addition to those required by the sport that you have served for years?

My personal experience as a champion athlete, from a very early age, my personal capacity as a professional athlete with distinctions both at domestic and international level, and in particular the dozens of champion athletes of all ages, of individual and team sports, with whom I have worked and continue to work with great success, guarantee a successful outcome.

By way of illustration, among the distinctions of my athletes are found victories at Panhellenic level, as well as Medals in Olympic Games, in World and European Championships, at men/women’s level and at the level of the other age groups.

In order to assess your condition or the condition of your children, and, of course, to draft a personalised intervention programme, please feel free to contact me directly.